Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Things I am Without

I’m not yet used to the fact

I can’t walk out my bedroom door

And find my mommy in the kitchen,

Or on one of the various floors.

She’s a little too far away for my liking

Especially when I need to talk.

Who am I going to talk to?

Who will take me on a walk?

Who will calm me down when I’m upset?

Or help me work things out?

Hug me when I need refuge?

Or some time to merely shout

At the top of my lungs,

Or maybe just cry…

I’m a little overwhelmed

Without her by my side,

She was the one I had

When I wanted to hide,

And bury my head under the covers

Or scream into my pillow.

She was the one I had

To open up the window.

To let in some fresh air,

To tell me it’d be alright.

She was the one I had,

When I needed a kiss goodnight.

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