Friday, October 21, 2011

Representing the 303

I’ve played a lot of “getting to know you” games since my first day of college.

During one of these games people sit in a circle and take turns saying something random about themselves. 

Most of the time I say, “I was born in Holland” because that answer is simple. 

I decided recently I have a new random fact.

I love getting mail. 

I love getting mail so much that I’ve contemplated mailing letters to myself just so I could have something in my mailbox.  I suppose everyone loves getting mail though, especially in college.  But I truly get excited when I get a letter from someone.  Anyone. 

I don’t write letters to myself (I don’t have time), but on occasion I buy something online if it is reasonably priced.  And if I know I’m going to use it.

Most recently I bought a 3’x5’ Colorado flag on Amazon for $6.  The price included shipping so I thought it was a pretty good deal considering it was coming all the way from New Hampshire. 

I was rather curious why a guy in New Hampshire had a Colorado flag, but at least he was going to let me have it. 

When I bought it I was super excited, and then I forgot about it because I knew I had to wait for it to be shipped across the country.

Then today I got an email notifying me that it had arrived.

I booked it out of my room down to the mailroom.  It’s a nice walk across campus, which I don’t mind doing.  There’s only one thing that annoys me about the mailroom and it’s the fact that I’m left handed.  When I have to the sign to receive my package the people working in the mailroom always hand me the stylus and scanner as if I was right-handed.  This causes me to always cross my arms in an awkward fashion to take it so that I can sign with my left hand.  I guess it’s only fair they do it that way since most people are right-handed. 

When I got back to my room I immediately opened the box and pulled out a wonderful, new, folded Colorado flag.  It smelled slightly of fish…but I don’t really want to know why.

Now it is pinned to the ceiling above my bed so I can see it every night.

It’s about time I represented where I’m from.  

CO flag in place... 
(On the left side of the picture is the plant I wrote about in The Wisdom of Water)

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