Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Perpetual Noise Factor

I love college. My life here is wonderful and I’ve made a lot of friends. My classes are interesting enough and I get along with my roommate. Plus the food isn’t too horrible and I’ve taken to eating breakfast every morning (a new habit since I arrived a few weeks ago).

If I wanted, I could make an entire list about the great things that happen in college…

But that would be boring.

There is one thing about college that is wonderful sometimes, while positively suffocating at others. I have named this the perpetual noise factor.

Time does not make a difference—people are screaming or talking or pulling pranks on each other no matter what the clock says.

I’m fine with all of this while I’m awake, and I even find it amusing. I love it when someone is playing guitar, or blasting music out of their dorm window at the height of the day.

It’s a different story after 12:00am.

My floor possesses something called a back parking lot. Which means all of the sophomores park their cars there and come through my floor to get to the elevator. On most occasions they are doing this very loudly and way after quiet hours.

That’s the thing. We do have quiet hours. When I heard this I suspected it meant that people wouldn’t be screaming or talking excessively loud after 10pm.

Wrong again!

I’m really trying to figure out the whole college thing, and unfortunately quiet hours aren’t what I wanted them to be. I was in the hall at 12:30am a few mornings back doing some reading since my roommate wanted to sleep. This girl came into the hall from the back lobby (which leads to the parking lot) and she continued to hold a very loud conversation with some guy on the other side of the door. As if it wasn’t 12:30 in the morning, I was obviously sitting there trying to read. That’s one of the downsides to college dorm life. There are always people around. In some cases that’s great, like when I need someone to hang out with. But I have a problem with people being loud when I think it’s obvious they should try to be quiet.

It’s something I’m still getting used to. Many of you are probably thinking, “welcome to college.”

Thanks! My appreciation for silence has definitely heightened during my attempt to deal with so much noise.

Here’s the thing: people might be noisy, but I’m so lucky I don’t have anyone living above me since I live on the top floor.

I don’t have to deal with the stomping factor.


  1. you cute thing! i'm glad you have a long list of things you love about college! we all have to discover the perpetual noise factor, very early on unfortunately. But there is a haven: the library. find a cubby. trust me :)

  2. I have indeed discovered the wonders of the library :) thank you!