Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Just Want a Steak

When I previewed SPU and ate at Gwinn the food was good, and I didn’t mind eating it. 

Here’s why: on preview weekends the food is always better to make a good impression on potential students.

Now that I’ve eaten in Gwinn every day I don’t think it’s very good anymore.  In fact, every time the scent of Gwinn crosses my nose as I walk in, I want to turn around and walk right back out. 

A couple of my friends work there and they tell me what not to eat.  I’ll never touch any of the hamburgers again.  I’m pretty much wary about any meat they serve because none of it seems to be cooked right. 

When I escaped the SPU campus a few weekends ago, I had the one of the greatest meals I’ve ever eaten.

It was home-cooked and spectacular.  (I also had the chance to eat a fresh peach, which was like finding gold since I hadn’t eaten one, much less seen one since I was in CO.)  The friend I was visiting couldn’t understand why I was so excited and happy.  “You will understand when you have to eat college food all the time,” I told her.  “You’ll miss the food your parents make.”

Not only do I miss my family, or my best friends from high school, I miss eating the amazing food my Mom (and occasionally my Dad) cooked.  The first night I’m home for break will be the greatest ever.  I’ll have my family and I’ll have real food. 

Right now I would give anything to have a well-done, seasoned, steak.  

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