Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cottage Cheese, Pepper, and Sunflower Seeds

I like cottage cheese.  Actually, I love it. 

And I was raised eating it a certain way; with pepper and sunflower seeds.  

People here think that is extraordinarily weird, but it’s not the first thing I’ve done that’s been out of the norm.  People either hate eating cottage cheese in general, or they eat it and can’t imagine eating it with extra ingredients.  I think I’ve met one or two other people that have actually eaten their cottage cheese the same way I do.

Gwinn had a constant supply of sunflower seeds the first two weeks of school and suddenly they stopped.

Which left me rather disappointed.

For weeks I ate my cottage cheese with only pepper.  In fact, I ate it with more pepper than normal in an attempt to make up for the lack of sunflower seeds.  Eventually I stopped walking by the salad bar to look for them because I didn’t think they would ever come back.

But today someone had refilled the sunflower seed containers.  Once I spotted the seeds I immediately headed for the cottage cheese and scooped some into a bowl, then walked back to the end of the salad bar and grabbed the container and dumped a bunch of sunflower seeds onto my cottage cheese.

The girl in line behind me just stared. 

Welcome to my life. 
I love sunflower seeds on my cottage cheese. 
And when I get back to my table I’m going to add pepper to the combination.

I encourage everyone to try it sometime. 

You may be pleasantly surprised.    

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  1. Just stumbled on your blog and confirm that the cottage cheese, black pepper, sunflower thing is just fantastic. When I'm out of sunflower seeds I switch to Cayenne Pepper.. until I can restock.. also great.. in a different way.