Friday, February 3, 2012

Humans vs Zombies

Last night I made a huge mistake.

I ended up running away from the human pack, and stranding myself while being surrounded by zombies.  Therefore, I have been turned into a zombie and will remain as such.

Most of you are probably extremely confused at the moment, and rightful so.  It’s a bit complicated to explain, but in simple terms hundreds of people on my college campus are participating in a game called Humans vs Zombies.

Everyone starts as a human and one zombie is chosen.  Within a day there were at least 80 zombies, on the second day there were around 100.  And then the humans that remained were required to go on a mission.  We had to meet in the middle of campus and then collect various anecdotes to try to keep ourselves alive longer.  (I’m really sorry, this probably doesn’t make sense to many people.)

Also, humans defend themselves by throwing socks at zombies.  If they hit a zombie they stun it for 15 minutes.  The rules go on and on about where you can be tagged and how you have to tag them etc, etc.  The cool part is, everything gets documented online so you know exactly how many humans and zombies there are in the game.   

I teamed up with another girl from my floor and several guys from our brother floor.  We left in a human pack and then joined up with the rest of the humans in the middle of campus.  I was proud to have made it that far.  My boyfriend and I were still both in the game and, due to our competitive natures, we were both taking it pretty seriously. 

Once the moderator gave us the rules for the mission, the humans began to bond together and plan how they wanted to go about retrieving the anecdotes.  There were several different plans and most people ended up splitting into groups.  The night was crazy and apparently screams could be heard across campus the entire time the mission was happening. 

We were also required to travel from one safe spot to the next since they changed every 15 minutes.  I made it from the first to the second.  But instead of going to the third safe zone, the humans bonded and decided to go to the last safe zone and defend it until the mission ended.  Brilliant.  (It actually was a very smart plan, but not for someone like me.) 

We moved together in a giant group, which caused most of the zombies to stay away since they didn’t want to be stunned.  But once one human started to run, everyone started to run.

I ended up in a tree.

I was in the tree for probably 30 seconds before I got back down and ran to the area where the humans were starting to defend themselves. 

We were in a giant circle, facing outward and throwing socks at any zombie that tried to approach us.  I was standing next to Will.  Suddenly, a group of about 20 zombies charged the side I was standing on and before I knew it I ran out of the circle, away from the human pack.  When it comes to fight or flight instincts I possess one of them.  Flight. 

It cost me my life.

I dodged the first four I ran past, and then found myself confronted by one more.  I turned to run and went straight into the arms of another.  I didn’t even have time to think about throwing a sock at them.

Later, Will was telling me, “I didn’t know where you went.  One minute you were next to me and then the next thing I knew you were out by the other zombies, tying your bandana around your head.”  (Clarification: Humans wear their bandanas around their arms.  If you are turned into a zombie you have to wear your bandana around your head.  If you are stunned as a zombie you pull it down and wear it around your neck.  So many rules, right?) 

I knew exactly what I had done wrong, and was frustrated with myself for not standing my ground.  My legs honestly had a mind of their own in that moment.

The zombies didn’t stand a chance after that.  The humans knew what they were doing, and we couldn’t get near them without being pelted with socks.  I tried to tag one of them and got stunned. 

Game over.

I was turned into a zombie 15 minutes before I would have been safe the rest of the night.  And now the humans have been safe all day since they collected all of the anecdotes last night.

If I don’t kill a human within the next 18 hours, I am considered a “starved” zombie. 
But I know exactly who I’m aiming for next.

After all, my boyfriend is still a human.

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