Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Returning in Style (or Trying)

Anyone you ask who knows me well could probably tell you I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl.  There’s not much to my fashion beyond that and when I went to SPU for my freshman year (a year ago now) I often felt like a total scrub in comparison to some of the other girls there.  I’ve never been one to really care about what others thought of me fashion wise and I paraded through the year in my jeans and my t-shirts and my sweatshirts and sweatpants.

I even wore a pair of plaid pajama pants to class one morning and then to lunch and I got a ton of compliments from different guys about how cool they were.  I’m pretty sure the girls thought I was out of my mind though and after that I didn’t wear them out in public anymore. 

I didn’t realize how into fashion Seattle is in general and after a certain amount of time I got to the point when I decided I kind of wanted to look really cute some days too.  Sure, I dressed up really nicely if I ever went on a date with Will or out somewhere special with friends, but otherwise I didn’t really bother very much.  At least in my mind I hardly tried. 

When spring in Seattle hit it was as if the clouds were producing sundresses instead of raindrops since they seemed adorn every girl on campus.  The few sundresses I owned had been left at home since I had no idea that 70 degrees in Seattle was basically considered sundress weather, or summer for that matter. 

Let’s just say I finally decided it was time to add some clothing improvements to my closet.  This summer I bought a new pair of boots, some new jeans, new cardigans, scarfs, and lots of different things that could be layered.  I even bought some new dresses!  My mom spent a lot of time shopping with me this morning and she helped me pick new things out.  I had a lot of fun spending some time with her before I head off to school and even she bought a new sweater for the fall. 

I feel like I’m ready to return to Seattle in style.  Sure, I’m going to have a lot of days when I dress like my casual self and forget what the word makeup means but at least I know I’ll have options if I ever feel like looking cute.  (It seems like people hardly recognize me when I really try, which makes me laugh a little.) 

One more day of packing tomorrow and then I’m returning to my college home! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time & a Fishbowl

I realize I’ve been a terrible liar.  Every time I say I’m ready to write, I don’t.  I think it’s partially because I’ve put too much pressure on myself to keep my blog going, which has worked negatively and caused me to say pretty much nothing.  And of course life happens and sometimes I’m just not good about leaving time for myself to open a blank word document so that my words can flow.

So, no more promises and no more saying “I will” or “I won’t”.  I’ll write when I can and I have no idea when that will be.    

At the beginning of my freshman year of college, a year ago now, I started my blog.  It’s incredibly hard to believe that everything went that fast.  Looking back it was as if I snapped my fingers and transferred myself to now.  Freshman year was wonderful and full of new learning experiences and a completely new life.  This year I’m going back to something I already know and long for, which makes me almost more excited than before. 

I’m in the same spot again, trying to pack and wrap things up before I leave, but this time most of my things are waiting there for me and I’ll have to pick them up along the way.  I told my mom yesterday that it’s going to be like Christmas because I don’t remember half of what I actually packed in all those boxes.  As I open them I’ll start to rediscover bits and pieces of my college life from last year, and somehow I will reassemble those to help me start this year.

I’m going to be rooming with one of my best friends from my floor this year and we have already talked a little bit about how we are designing our room.  Believe me, it is going to be amazing once we actually move in and organize things, but at the moment we aren’t entirely sure how it is all working out.  I’ve been crafty this summer and I’ve made magazine coasters and wall hangings that will hopefully help add to the aura of our room.  

My room at home is once again littered with bags that I’m shoving everything in to.  It seems like I managed to collect a decent amount of things to take back with me to school this year.  For example, I’m taking a fishbowl.  (Most of you are thinking, why take a fishbowl when you can buy one up there?  Well, it just so happens I like this one and that’s exactly what I told my mom when she asked me that question.  She said I’m going to have a problem taking a suitcase of glass up to Seattle, since I’m also taking some mason jars as well… I’m not a hipster but I think they’re cool.) Anyway, I want a fish in my room this year and my future roomie said that’s fine as long as I’m the one cleaning it. 

In all honestly, I’m a little bit scatter brained right now trying to keep track of everything that I need to do… and then I remembered that it’s been almost a year since I started blogging and I thought to myself, why not take some time to write?

There’s always a little bit of time to spare.