Friday, December 30, 2011

The Beautiful

I’ve often thought that if Colorado was entered in a beauty pageant, she would win it.

She has the sun, she has the mountains, the plains, the foothills, lakes… not to mention indescribable sunsets. 

I managed to catch one of those tonight as I was in the car traveling toward the mountains.  I reached the top of a hill and suddenly the Rockies were spread out before me, like a glorious picture. 

The sun was starting to disappear behind them and a light like sweet honey was being cast upon the frontier.  (I suppose I tend to associate beauty with different tastes.) 

Anyway, it was one of those moments in which I found my breath caught in my throat.  Cliché, but true. 

It was one of those beautiful moments in which, even though I had my camera, I let my eyes take it in instead.    

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