Thursday, December 8, 2011

Too Quiet

I’m home.

I’m not sure I can actually believe it either.

I apologize for not writing a word the past two days, but I was packing, spending time on an airplane, and reuniting with my family.

When I was first at school, I thought everyone was just really loud and now that I’m home it seems like everyone is really quiet.  There are only three people in the house at the moment and those three people happen to be my Mom, my Dad, and me.  And my Dad just left so now there are only two of us.

I’m excited to be home, and excited to see some of my closest friends from high school, but I’m not excited that I can’t walk down the hallway to see the girls who have practically become my sisters.

It’s a bittersweet thing.  At least I know I’m going back and, for now, I just get to relax and enjoy the holidays. 

I’m going to have to find something to keep me busy, that’s for sure. 

Maybe I’ll go out and build a snowman, or take my dog on a walk, or try to figure out what part of my room I get to claim back.

I’m incredibly happy to be here but it’s also… weird.

And too quiet.   

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