Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Seattle in my Eyes

Apparently my eyes have changed.

I think I’ve noticed this a little bit.  Some days they seem bluer or greener than they have been in the past.

Two of my friends pointed this out tonight, and agreed together that they are definitely different than they were before.

At first I had no idea why or how they could have changed.  

And then I thought about it a little more. 

My eyes have a bit of Holland in them, because that is where they first opened and took sight of the world.

They have a sprinkle of Ohio in them because I’ve spent more vacation time there than I have anywhere else, and that is where both of my parents are from. 

They obviously posses a lot of Colorado—this is where I've grown up and where most of my heart belongs.  My eyes have seen more wonderful Colorado sunsets than I can begin to count.  

So I told my friends, “I think they have some Seattle in them now.”

That’s why they’ve changed.  

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