Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sound of Snow

This is the kind of weather that I love.
It’s the kind that allows me to drink hot chocolate,
Or build a snowman.
It’s the kind that lets me snowboard
Or sit by a welcoming fireplace.
It’s the kind that lets me catch a snowflake
On my tongue—and it’s the life in me
That makes it melt. 
It’s the kind that gives me the opportunity
To pave a completely fresh path on my own,
And it’s the kind that makes me feel
Anything but alone.
It’s also the kind that takes hardly an effort to paint,
And the kind that doesn’t have much color,
But it’s also the kind that makes the world
Look a little softer. 
It’s the kind that makes it wonderful
To put on a heavy winter coat,
A pair of mittens, boots and snow pants,
(and maybe a scarf)
To take a nice winter walk
Before it’s dark.
And if I’m lucky, and not too cold,
I’ll take some time to sit in the snow
—and listen—
Then on my way home, I’ll hum a few notes
And wish that the world was this peaceful.  

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