Friday, December 9, 2011

My Directionally Challenged iPhone

Last night I spent nearly 3 hours curling my sister’s hair.  As I was curling I used lots of moose, lots of patience, and listened to a whole lot of music. 

People think my hair is thick.  My side braid (containing all of my hair) is one of my sister’s pigtail braids.  The thickness of her hair is double mine.  Hence the 3 hours of curling.

This morning she had a choir concert and her hair had to be curled, which is why we did it last night.  We were worried that it wouldn’t stay in during the night when she slept, but when she got up 6 hours later we discovered that it had remained mostly intact.

Granted, I could have fixed a few curls, but I wasn’t exactly willing to remove myself from my bed to do so. 

She sprayed on additional hairspray and called it good.  I decided a little later to actually get up and attend the concert to see her hairdo in action.

After I got ready I pulled out my handy-dandy-iPhone and look up directions to her concert, just to make sure I knew I was going to the right place.

It dutifully gave me directions back to Seattle instead. 

I guess that’s what happens when you have two homes.  

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