Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Beard December

I’ve never known what to truly think of the tradition that embodies the month of November. 

Most people are familiar with No Shave November in which guys don’t shave for an entire month.  Girls can participate if they want, but I’m sure most of them a) don’t have facial hair to shave and b) wouldn’t want to be a part of it anyway. 

There are some guys who can’t grow any facial hair, and some that can grow facial hair like no one’s business.  By the end of the month some are unrecognizable, while others haven’t changed at all.

It all depends on the guy, but I guess some of them look a little too wild for me to handle.  On the other hand, some of them look better with a beard than without one.

I’m not sure why they do it, or how it even started, but I wanted to casually point out that today is, in fact, the last day of November. 

Which means, bring on No Beard December.    

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  1. To answer your question Liz. No Shave November is simply a month that you don't shave in. Movember on the other hand, which is where you don't shave your mustache the whole month, is to raise awareness for prostate cancer.