Thursday, November 3, 2011

Different Looks for the Same Me

I have two different looks.  Probably more than that, but for the most there are two that continue to confuse people.  These looks result in the difference between having my bangs straight and down, or having them pulled out of my face.

I cut my hair 2 weeks before I left for SPU, so everyone at home was trying to get used to the new look; once I got here people recognized me as a girl with bangs.

Every so often I get sick of having them cover my face and I pull them up with a headband or bobby pins. 

This caused (and still causes) problems.

If I’m introduced to someone with my bangs down, that is how they will recognize me.  If I happen to have my bangs pulled up the next day and attempt to say hello, they look at me like I’m crazy.

It’s reached the point that when I’m introduced to people I tell them, “You may see me with my bangs up/down next time we meet and I’ve been told I look very different, so don’t be caught off guard!” 

So far it’s seemed to work a little better.

Then a few days back I curled my hair.  That didn’t help my problem much.  I don’t curl my hair often because it takes so long, and I’m not sure how soon I’ll do it again considering several people didn’t know who I was at first.  I may have received compliments, but I would rather be known.   

I’m not sure if I should be thrilled at my ability to change my looks, or unsettled.

My hair is causing a mini identity crisis.  Sheesh.   

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