Friday, November 18, 2011

Those That Escape

Sometimes before I go to bed I have ideas for blogs.  I tend to have ideas at the most random hours of the day, which is why I carry a notebook around with me.

A few nights back I had a wonderful idea.

I was in bed and told myself, write it down—you have to write it down or you’re going to forget what it was.

My iPhone was within reach and I could have written it in a note.  It probably would have taken a grand total of 20 seconds.

But I turned over and fell asleep. 

I woke up the next morning, got ready, ate breakfast, and went to class.  It wasn’t until I was sitting in my second class when I felt a brief flicker of an idea pass through my memory.

Then I remembered that I had told myself to write it down the night before, because I knew I was going to forget it.

But now it’s gone and I’ll most likely never know what it was.    

The ones that get away are the most frustrating.  

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