Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Perfect Ingredients

Last night, my dorm room contained two more beds than normal, and 5 more girls than I was used to.

I haven’t had a slumber party in years.  I’ve had dozens of sleepovers but that is a little bit different.  Those tend to be with only one friend, maybe two.  It becomes a slumber party when there are more than three people.  And last night, including myself, there were six of us in my dorm room. 

We all took turns talking, and listening.  We had originally planned on watching The Breakfast Club, but plans quickly changed once we started chatting.  All of us brought a different element to the room, and none of us had our actual roommate with us that night.  Girls from 5 different rooms ended up in one, and the sixth was visiting from out of town. 

All of us sought advice, provided wisdom, consulted, comforted, and encouraged until the early hours of the morning.  There was also one ghost story thrown in there, which I enjoyed immensely. 

Most of us were sharing one blanket and at some point I warmed up some cookies that my Grandma had sent me all the way from Ohio.  They were still as good as ever so I shared them and ate as many as I wanted.

The night ended when the conversations began to trail off, and our eyelids began to feel the weight of sleepiness.  We all settled down, and some of us shared mattresses since there weren’t enough for all of us to have our own. 

Looking back on my high school years, I’m not sure I would have ended up in the same room with such a variety of people.  The six of us all have the most different personalities, but we somehow ended up in the same spot for the perfect night.

We brought grace, silence, energy, humor, sarcasm, quirkiness, and love—if friendship was a recipe, we would have been the perfect ingredients.

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