Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Power of Baking Soda

It just so happens I rely heavily on my scent of smell and, as of late, I haven’t been able to smell anything because of a terrible cold I have.

This is both good and bad.

Bad because there are things I would love to smell such as fresh baked cookies, or the morning air.  I would also like to be able to smell whether or not I need to wash certain shirts or not.  When I do my laundry I always smell everything first, just to make sure I actually have to wash all of it.

I can’t do that right now.

However, it is good I lost my sense of smell for one reason especially.

This reason would be called the fridge in my dorm room that I hate opening because it smells so bad.

I should point out that this unfortunate smell is due entirely to my negligence and no one else’s. 

Earlier this quarter I bought a carton of eggs, and a carton of milk.  For a while I used them as much as I should have and then I forgot that they existed.  Which means that there were at least a dozen rotten eggs in the fridge, and expired milk. 

It turns out that I’m not very good at knowing how to take care of food.  Back home my Mom was the one who made sure the fridge was cleaned out and, to be honest, I had no idea how long eggs actually lasted in the fridge.  We always kept extra cartons in our fridge in the basement, and then used them when we ran out of eggs in the upstairs fridge.  However, there were seven of us in the house and I’m sure we went through a dozen eggs in 2 days.

 I left a carton of eggs in my dorm room fridge for at least 2 weeks (maybe more).  Thank goodness my roommate is extremely tolerant and loving, because it’s not even my fridge… it’s hers.     

I’ve offered to drag it outside and hose it down, or at least clean it out somehow, but neither of us really have the time or the means to do it well.  So as I did a Safeway run yesterday to pick up some medicine for my cold, I also grabbed a box of baking soda.

(I must say, I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t Google things like “how to fix a stinky fridge”.) 

Believe it or not, some genius decided to make a box specifically for the purpose of sitting in a fridge.  So I bought it, dutifully carried it back to my dorm, and placed it in the mini box that keeps our food fresh. 

I am hoping it will help fix the problem.

I currently have no idea how it’s working.

As I said, I can’t smell a thing. 

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