Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spoken Word in Written Form

Lately, spoken word has been the biggest fad,
Where you talk pretty quickly and sometimes rather fast,
Spewing thoughts and witty words
And being all poetic. 
But for me, it’s more like a rap
With a rhythm I can’t track.
It suits me, and I can relax when I find
A pattern of words to convey
And give meaning. 
It is not my strong point, if fact it’s my weakest
Rhyming during poetry I often consider form,   
And form for me means “cold” not “warm”. 
I like my words to flow smoothly, full of emotion,
Flowing like water and finding a way
To travel and embrace, to hold and give grace.
Often they don’t have much beat— 
Which seems to be rather unique,
And rhyming… it’s never been my cup of tea.
Ironic, since that’s all this poem seems to be.
But sometimes I like to be caught in the moment,
Thrown into words, for my pure enjoyment
And when they swell like the ocean,
They become a sea, and all I see are words
And me.    
I’ll let you in on a secret,
I’ve never tried this before.
I’ve written poems before, but not rap,
That’s for sure.
I’ve always been about breaking the mold
But spoken word is more than mere poetry,
It’s bold, 
like the letters that stand out in a text
Like memories that we’ll never regret.
WORDS are all I need.
That, and a bit of rhyming poetry.  


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