Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beauty Through Pain: The Story of a Small Inconvenience on Valentine's Day

The last time I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day he didn’t answer my phone calls or texts.  This time I was quite happy to know that Will had planned something for us and was willing to skip class to take me out.

I was pretty excited, and I spent time planning what I would wear and how I would do my hair… the typical thing any girl would do if they were going on a date. 

I had one tiny dilemma.  I didn’t have a curling iron and I wanted to curl some hair to frame my face and then put the rest of my hair in a chignon (for any guys that might be reading this, chignon is just a fancy word for a cute side bun.)  I knew exactly how I was going to do it and what I wanted it to look like.

I set off down the hall in a mission to find a curling iron and one of the girls lent me hers after she had finished her own hair.  It was a different kind of curling iron than I was used to because the hair had to be wrapped around it by hand instead of the usual way where the hair clips in and then gets wound around the iron.  I guess it’s supposed to create more of a wavy beach look.  There’s a specific name for it that I can’t remember. 

I adjusted to the new technique fairly quickly and before I knew it I had wonderful curls that framed my face just how I wanted.  Then I looked at my bangs and decided it would be cool if I could curl them a bit too.

I started with the right bangs and I was about to wind my hair around the iron when I felt a burning sensation on my forehead.

Slightly obvious, I'd say.
I quickly pulled the curling iron away from my skin and set it on my dresser, then turned around and grabbed an aluminum can of apple juice out of the fridge to hold against my forehead.  I knew I had burned myself badly and I took time to hold the cold can on the fresh burn before I lowered my hand to inspect the damage.

When I did, an oval mark the size of a large kidney bean was just beginning to appear on my forehead above my right eye. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was right where my bangs parted and, therefore, in plain view.  Dang it.  I figured by then that I had curled my hair enough and continued to get ready.  There was only so much I could do about it and I was just going to have to live with it. 

Will said that he probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t told him (a smart move on his part) and Sarah said, “At least it’s in a cute shape,” which provided a bit of a silver lining. 

If the saying beauty comes through pain ever meant anything to me, it was probably right then.  (And when I had braces of course, because that was just miserable.)

The rest of my night turned out to be absolutely wonderful and full of good food… 
I was a happy girl regardless of a silly burn.  

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