Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Shoes Were Off

I went slacklining with my PA and a few other girls from my floor today.  It has been absolutely beautiful in Seattle as of late and all of us needed to opportunity to get outside.

I fell off more times than I can count, but eventually I managed to get a few steps in and then called it a day.  It’s going to have to be something I get better at time after time.  As great as those few steps felt, it felt even better to have my shoes off and to be walking through the damp grass, letting my toes squish the soft earth. 

I picked up a worm at one point and totally grossed my PA out.  I guess I’m sometimes too much of a tomboy for my own good. 

Afterward, Sarah and I decided to walk back barefoot.  There was no point to put our shoes back on since the sky way clear and life was good.  As we were talking we discovered both of us love to walk barefoot any chance we get, and we hate getting pedicures because the ladies always remove all the calluses from our feet in the process. 

Simple connections can be the most bonding.

We walked along many sidewalks and nearly all of them had a different texture.  We walked much of the same route we do everyday on the way to classes or to dinner, but the experience was completely different because we had no shoes.  Sometimes you don’t feel connected to where you are until you can take your shoes off and get a real feel for it, without the barrier of a sole.  When my bare feel touched the pavement, it was suddenly tangible and understandable. 

We walked through Martin Square, which is paved with brick.

Sarah said to me,
“You can’t feel the subtle curve of the brick
when your shoes are on.”

Sometimes you have to take a different approach.  When you take something at face value and remove barriers, you realize a lot of new things.  I think that analogy is quite applicable for many situations in life.   

By the time I reached my dorm room my feet were pleasantly tingling.

I like the fact that the bottoms of my feet are dirty once again.

It’s been too long.  

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