Monday, February 20, 2012

The Girl Who Gulps Her Tea

A lot of SPU students go home on the weekends, especially when we have an extra day off from school.  Which means I’m normally always ready to get off campus and go on some type of random adventure.

By the time this past weekend hit I was exhausted.  Probably because I was sleep deprived from my 36 hour California visit the weekend before.  Also, I discovered that on Monday I had missed the opportunity for test corrections in Bio, and I had missed a reading quiz in my UCOR class.  I wasn’t very thrilled about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to make up either of them.  Then on Wednesday I talked to my Daddy on the phone for an hour during the time I should have gone to one of my classes…the week dragged on and on until I finally came to the end of it.

Since it was President’s Day weekend nearly everyone left to go home.  Even people out of state left to go home, leaving me wishing that I had planned to go home.  Home is a thrilling word when you seem to be alone.

Except I wasn’t.  There were still people staying on the floor and in the dorm for the weekend, so it was just a matter of finding something to do and I didn’t feel like leaving to go anywhere.  I ended up walking down to the gym to go to the last home basketball game of the season (which we won) and the night was still fairly young after that ended. 

About midway through the game I brought up the idea with Taylor of heading back to the dorm after the game, putting our pajamas on, making tea, and reading.  She thought it sounded like an excellent idea, so that is exactly what we did.

In fact, we ended up turning it into a floor activity and inviting anyone else from the floor that hadn’t gone home for the weekend.  We turned the lounge into a comfy reading space by placing the couches and chairs around one of the tables.  We turned off the bright ceiling lights and instead used various lamps to create warmer lighting.  And we all brought a comfy blanket to curl up with. 

The night ended up being incredibly relaxing and exactly what I needed.  I drank quite a few cups of tea, ate more biscotti than I should have, and even snacked on some popcorn.  Plus I managed to get several more chapters into the second book of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Occasionally someone would ask a question or say something that would spark conversation, but we would quickly continue reading once again.  One of the girls joined us and painted her nails while another crocheted and a third did homework.  In totally there were about 9 of us that stayed in there for a couple of hours doing.      

I was sitting on a couch between the two Taylors on our floor.  The sophomore sat to my left and the freshman (my best friend) to my right.  At one point Taylor, to my right, turned and asked, “Do you always gulp your tea so loudly?”

Everyone stopped reading and started laughing, while I smiled.  “Yes?” I replied, confused.

I didn’t realize that I swallow loudly.  Or gulped for that matter.

Apparently I do, and apparently it’s loud enough for her to hear and for it to be distracting.

I guess that makes me a tea gulper of sorts.

How… unladylike.  

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