Friday, February 17, 2012

My New Favorite Season

The American culture is all about shoving as many activities as you possibly can into the span of one day.  Which means we rarely sleep, or get enough sleep.  Yet, there are days when I simply love taking my time.

Today I took my time walking to breakfast, eating my food, writing my notes, thinking about what I would say in class (there is nothing that drives me more crazy than a person speaking blurbs of nothingness), and walking back to my room. 

Walking up the Ashton hill can be quite to exerting activity, unless you walk slowly. 
So, one step at a time I walked up that hill and took time to breathe in the crisp Seattle air.  Seattle is somewhere between Winter and Spring—and I think it is now one of my new favorite seasons, even though it doesn’t have a name.

When I take time I pick up on little details that I don’t normally notice, like extra cracks in the sidewalk and the different textures of the pavement.  I love letting the breeze touch the tip of my nose and play with my wispy bangs.  For a brief moment I closed my eyes and let it touch my eyelids.

I was suspended between worlds of emotion, yet I felt nothing.  I initially labeled it as borderline grumpy, but that wasn’t it either.  I was just quieter, more subdued, and peaceful. 

Life flows in a happy medium when I take my time.

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