Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prayer Through Music

I’ve been quite homesick lately, for reasons I can’t even explain.  Part of me just aches to be home with my family in the beautiful Colorado.  However, I know that if I were there I would miss being here.  No matter where I go, I’m always be missing something or someone.

That’s just how life goes. 

Yesterday morning I was definitely in one of those moods and my friend Sam suggested that I go back to my room and play my guitar, which is exactly what I ended up doing for about an hour and a half.      Technically, I shouldn’t have been playing my guitar before 10am, since it's during quiet hours, but I couldn’t help myself and I figured most people were probably in class anyway.

I took me a few minutes to tune my seldom-used guitar and find the chords for songs online but, once I did, I didn’t stop playing until I had to go to Human Biology.  I ended up playing In Your Presence by Jeremy Camp over numerous times, amongst other worship songs.  

I love it when chord progressions become addicting.

Sitting down to play my guitar and worship the Lord on my own was the best decision I made all day.  Music is powerful worship, and also extremely beneficial during prayer.  I find that it is often easier for me to sing my prayers into lyrics than it is for me to journal or pray them silently.

I like to verbally set it on the table and say, God, here’s what’s up… 

Then I let my heart cry through the music. 

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  1. We miss you here too. I know that for some people that they reach out to God by spending hours in The Bible, or praying and crying out to him. That is what is so unique about you, that you use your gift of beautiful music to cry out to him. You know what you get in return? Healing and peace :)