Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Drifting Thoughts, Late at Night

Last night I studied a lot for my bio exam.

I studied until the point that the words on the page weren’t registering with me at all.  I decided to call it a night and then wake up a little early to go to breakfast and study a bit more. 

Due to the fact I had taken a power nap a few hours earlier it was near impossible for me to fall asleep with the ease I normally do. 

I lay on my left side…
I turned to my right side…
I lay on my stomach…
I flipped over to lay on my back…
And I eventually went back to lying on my left once more.

I tried rearranging the covers, switching the position of my arms and legs, and repetitively fluffing my pillow in different ways.  Nothing was helping.

With a sigh I turned myself slightly and lay on my back, allowing myself to trace the outline of the Colorado flag on my ceiling.  My eyes moved up and down, up and down, around the “C”, and up and down once again. 

The window was open slightly, allowing some cool air into the dorm room and I appreciated its clean scent.  I’ve taken to leaving my blinds open at night and cracking the window a bit.  I like being able to see outside. 

My thoughts began drifting.  I don’t remember a thing I thought about, but I must have thought about a lot since it felt like I was lying there forever.  At one point a car passed outside and the lights streaked against my rooms ceiling, creating a random flash back of how many times that used to happen at home in Colorado.

I let my eyes take in the flowers hung from my ceiling, the posters and paintings on my wall, my roommate’s photographs, the cut-out snowflake on my window, and the texture on the ceiling.  I think it’s the first time I really took time to survey everything, and soak in what I have here. 

I felt peaceful and comfortable. 
I felt like I belonged.
I felt like I finally accepted Seattle and, in return,
It accepted me.

Somewhere in all of that I fell asleep.  

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