Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Special Occasion

I got my laptop last May when I graduated from high school.  I was absolutely thrilled and thankful that I would have one for college and, hopefully, for many years after that.

At first there was no way I would even consider sticking something to the surface that wouldn’t come off very easily, which meant I definitely had no desire to put stickers on it.

After having my laptop for several months and noticing that many of my friends’ laptops had stickers on them I started to consider the idea of collecting a few of my own and making my computer a bit more personal. 

But what was I going to put on it?  What was something that I would absolutely love and not look at a few years later and ask why in the world did I think sticking that on my computer was a good idea? 

My first idea was a Colorado flag.  My roots would always belong there no matter where I went and, considering I already have a giant flag on my ceiling, adding a Colorado flag sticker to my laptop wouldn’t hurt. 

Last night I was sitting in my room studying (well, attempting to) with my best friend.  She kept cracking jokes and showing me things on Pinterest, and I couldn’t resist laughing.  I didn’t care that she was distracting me, I would rather talk to her than read any day.    

I told her the idea for my computer sticker and how I wanted to find a Colorado flag.  Before I knew it she got this really excited look on her face, jumped up, and said, “Wait here!  I’ll be right back, I have something for you.”

Then she was gone. 

I was a bit confused but I opened my book and tried to read anyway—I hadn’t even read a sentence when she reappeared, grinning, with her hands behind her back.

“This is for you!”  She handed me a teal sticker of the Seattle skyline, exactly like the green one she had on her computer.  All I could say was, “No way!  No way!” over and over while I laughed.  I couldn’t get over how cool and absolutely perfect it was. 

She sat next to me while I put it on my computer and gently advised me how to do it correctly without ruining the sticker. 

Once it was in place she said, “I had been saving it for a special occasion, and this is definitely one.” 

Gosh I love her.  


  1. That does look cool but what about your home state??......