Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rants about Coffee, Snow, and the Sun

What better place to write than in a coffee shop?  Typical Seattle.

Today the sun decided to show its face and it was the perfect day to take a walk down the street to Tully’s, which is just far enough to make me feel like I’m escaping the SPU bubble.

This week has been crazy with the snow.  I’ve had no routine and no motivation to do homework—not to mention I’ve been surrounded by white walls that look like they want to swallow me.  (9 days of no class and hardly any chance to get off campus doesn’t serve me well.) 

My dorm room has turned me into someone that belongs in a crazy house.  I hadn’t reached the point quite yet where I wanted to bang my head against the wall but I was pretty close.  I ended up throwing a baseball indoors in the lounge with a couple guys from my brother floor last night because we didn’t have anywhere better to go and we needed to be active.  Just imagine us throwing a baseball with several huge glass windows waiting to be broken and some vending machines.  There are countless ways that simple game of catch could have gone wrong, so thank goodness nothing was shattered in the process. 

The best part were peoples’ faces when they walked through the lounge and saw what we were doing.  Priceless. 

I think I’m safe saying everyone has been restless.  Extremely restless. 

When the sun slowly peeked out from behind a cloud today my spirit immediately rose.  The sun wasn’t supposed to appear until next Friday, and when I found that out yesterday (meaning I would have had to wait for a week) I just about died.

But today God humored Seattle and let the sun shine.  I kept telling everyone I was ready for the snow to be gone and people kept saying, “But you’re from Colorado, you’re supposed to be used to this!”

Touch√©.  But it snows in Colorado and then the next day the sun comes out.  I’m not used to having the sun gone for three months straight. 

So now here I am, contentedly writing in a coffee shop and repeatedly looking out the window to check that the blue sky is still there.  Who knows when I’ll see it again?

Hm, I should probably start writing that paper I came here for in the first place.    

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