Monday, January 23, 2012

Full in a Good Way

I didn’t like the food here first quarter, and I still don’t like it.

If anything it got worse after I spent a month at home with my Mom’s wonderful dinners on the table every night.  Then I came back to…Gwinner.

People get what we call the “Gwinns”.  It’s a legitimate problem. 

Because of this, all of us take every opportunity we get to eat off campus, especially if it’s a home cooked meal.  College kids are easily bribed and swayed by food.  When I was invited to eat home cooked chicken-pot-pie at someone’s house I immediately responded with a YES. 

My friend David made it with another girl from our dorm.  They went out and bought all of the ingredients and spent the midafternoon making a fantastic meal for us.  As if home cooked wasn’t good enough, it was also organic and the crust was made from scratch.

Food heaven. 

After we all sat down we stared at the steaming food and hardly knew what to do.  It’s amazing how a couple weeks back at college can make you forget what it’s like to have a normal family meal.  Yet instinct kicked in and we quickly began dividing it up and making sure that everyone had food before we ate.   


“I guess the fact no one’s talking is a good sign,” David said.  We laughed.  It was beyond good.  The chicken, the carrots, and potatoes, and the crust seemed to melt in my mouth.  Even the salad was top notch. 

The best part about it was the fact we only had to pitch in a few dollars each for the cost of the food.  (Which reminds me I should probably do that if I ever want David to cook for me again…) 

Once people finished I said, “I’m doing the dishes!  The cook never does the dishes, that’s a rule.”  Everyone ended up helping anyway, which was good, because the process is always much faster with many people instead of one. 

The night ended with cups of tea, a few card games, and much laughter.

I felt full in a good way for the first time since I had been back.  

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