Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Flicker

Procrastination is a college kid’s best friend.

Tests?  Don’t study.

Paper?  Don’t write it.

Reading?  Just leave it. 

I’ve been doing a fairly good job of doing things on time this quarter, and using my time wisely as well.  But the snow week threw me for a loop though since I didn’t have any time structure to my day whatsoever.  Which means a lot of what I should have been doing didn’t get done. 

Last night I had to study for a psych and bio test that would occur within the same 3 hours of each other the following morning.  Of course, the best thing to do was play some intramural volleyball instead of studying how I should have.  I did end up studying later, but taking a little bit of a break was good.

We rounded up a meager 4 players, the bare minimum you can have to play a game, and headed down to the gym.  When we reached the bottom of the hill all of the lights along the street, in the buildings, and in the dorms flickered. 

Off.  On.

We paused for a second and continued walking.  Then it happened a second time and the world became dark for probably 30 seconds.  Yet, it felt like a couple of minutes instead because being caught in utter darkness is a bit nerve-wracking. 

The corner we were about to turn suddenly seemed to posses someone lurking behind it, waiting to spring out and grab us.  I reached toward Taylor and held tightly to her arm.  Thankfully the dorm at the top of the hill was still lit, allowing us to see where we were, but half of the campus had gone completely black. 

The power came back on and we continued to walk, nearly forgetting what had happened even though it had caused our hearts to skip a beat.  The world isn’t nearly as scary when there’s light. 

What I was thinking then emerged out loud and I said, “Imagine how scary the world would be if we didn’t have any lights as soon as the sun went down…” 

I didn’t like being caught in the darkness, not even for half a minute.

I belong in the light. 
The world belongs in the light.

I’m just really glad God made the sun.    

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