Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Organized Disorder

I’ve discovered my life is a constant organized disorder.

I love to know where things are, but I don’t like them aligned perfectly or placed nicely.  They need to be placed in an unorganized fashion.

My books all go on the bookshelf, but two books of the same height can’t go next to each other unless they are a part of the same series.  I like having my textbooks stacked on my desk, but the edges can’t align perfectly.  The pillows on my bed are set together at slight angles, instead of straight.   

The top drawer of my desk hold pens, sticky notes, envelopes, scissors, glue-sticks.  They all have their spot and I like putting them in their correct spot, but then they are just thrown in there.  I don’t have to align them in any certain way. 

I know where everything is, and in that way I am organized.  But I don’t put everything where it belongs in an organized way.

It’s almost a different version of OCD. 

I don’t understand myself.  

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