Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Literal Dreams

I set my alarm back and slept 15 more minutes.  I needed it, since I was up was later than usual last night.

When I woke up next I realized I was running late, and decided to skip taking a shower.  I wouldn’t have time.  So I applied deodorant and body spray quickly before I pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.  My bed remained unmade, and my dirty clothes from the night before littered my floor but I wasn’t going to have time to pick them up.

Sarah, McKenna, and Taylor were in my room watching as I tried to get ready quickly.  They were waiting so that we could go down to breakfast.  One of them eventually commented that they were going to leave because they wanted to have time to eat.

I said it was ok, but inside I was starting to panic because I realized how hungry I was and that I would probably have to go straight to class without eating.  How was I going to make it through three classes without eating?!

I was frantically trying to pack everything into my backpack and I stopped by my dresser once more to pick up some chap stick.  Then I noticed that the picture frame that I usually placed my lotion, pony holders, and bobby-pins on had been moved to the left side of my desk and was three times smaller.

Huh, that’s strange.  What’s up with that?

But I quickly shrugged it off and was out the door when my alarm started playing that terribly familiar piano rift.

Confused, I woke up and looked around.

I was in bed, and I wasn’t late.  I would have plenty of time to get ready.  Suddenly, I was wide-awake and ready to go.

I can’t stand it when my dreams are that real.

I still feel like I woke up and did my morning routine twice.

I'd say my experience was quite similar to this.

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