Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well, That Was Embarrassing

There is so much I could write about.  So much!  I could talk about my weekend and playing laser-tag with my floor, or I could talk about being sick, or I could bring up conversations with my mom on the phone, or I could shout for joy about how I ate a full plate of food today for the first time in 5 days!  The possibilities are quite endless.

Instead, I thought I would tell you one of my most embarrassing moments so far this school year. 

Yesterday morning I had a class at 9:30am.  Needless to say, I wasn’t wide-awake and I wasn’t feeling very well since I had spent the weekend being sick and feeling incredibly fatigued.  I spend most of the class slowly eating a banana and trying to get some protein into my body. 

My UFND class is all about the Christian faith, and we are currently starting to investigate the different divisions of the faith such as Lutheran, Baptist, Protestant, etc.  At one point during the class the girl next to me, Sammy, raised her hand to make a comment.  Sammy is the Teacher’s Assistant in my class, which means she is the sophomore that answers the freshman’s questions about work in the class while also helping the professor grade our classwork.  She also happens to be one of the girls on my floor, so I know her fairly well. 

Anyway, Sammy raised her hand and Professor Drovdahl called on her.  I’m sure she was saying something quite profound, but considering what happened during the next instance I don’t really remember any of it.  I had just taken my hair out of the bun I had put it in earlier that morning and was going to redo it.  The chair I was sitting in had a back that would bend when I leaned back.  I’ve talked about these kinds of chairs before in Chair Paranoia

As Sammy was talking, everyone was looking at her, which meant I was the next closest person that they could have been looking at.  Trust me, the next instance they were definitely looking at me as the left side of my bendy-chair completely snapped, causing me to throw myself forward in order to keep from smashing my head against the wall behind me. 

The Professors face went wide-eyed and so did everyone else’s and during the brief silence that followed and I had enough time to say, “My chair just broke.”  During the laughter that followed I tried to regain my composure from my near falling-out-of-my-chair experience.  I was laughing as well and thinking that I must have looked like an absolute fool. 

Somewhere during that time the professor cracked another joke and everyone was laughing again.  I didn’t actually hear it considering I still had a ton of adrenaline running through my body.  (I was told later it was something about how I shouldn’t eat such an energizing breakfast, a comment resulting from the fact I had propelled myself forward very quickly when my chair broke.)  I just smiled and laughed.  Sarah told me later that I covered it up pretty well.  I guess my few years in Theatre actually paid off.  

At the end of class the professor said goodbye to me by name, and patted me on the back.  I’m sure he’ll never forget my name now.  I’m sure none of the class will forget either.

Later, when I was talking to Will and a couple of other guys in their hallway, Danny (who has UFND with me) walked past us and said, “Hey Will, your girlfriend’s chair broke in class today.  It was absolutely hilarious!”  So of course I had to tell the story and all the guys were laughing at me.

I can say that the instance was literally a “jump-start” to my day. 

I think it’s about time for SPU to invest in some new chairs.  

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