Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking the Back Roads

Today I learned something about myself.

I learned that I love to take the back roads.  I do everything I can to avoid the highway.  I’d rather roam through the countryside in my suburban for an extra hour than blaze through the land and arrive at my destination in a timely fashion.  The highway can be convenient in some situations, but in most it has become tiresome and annoying.

I love driving the long way, through the neighborhoods with the cute old fashioned houses that all have a porch swing, along endless fields of grass, down roads I didn’t know existed.  I love all of that.

I like to take time to looks at things and observe, and the highway moves too quickly for me to get the chance.  All you see is pavement and the fronts and backs of hundreds of cars cutting across lanes or tailing other people.  Not to mention the countless people as of late who have left their blinker on for miles after changing lanes. 

What happened to everyone wanting to move so quickly from place to place?  Everyone has somewhere to go and hardly anyone ventures of the road to take another way.

If I were to plan a road trip it would be a ROAD trip, not a highway trip or a race across the country.  I like stopping to take pictures and sight see.  Sure, I can’t get everywhere without taking the oh-so-big-stretch-of-cement every once in a while but I’ve discovered that I don’t need to take it as much. 

Bring on the cute houses, flower gardens, mailboxes, and picket fences.  Some days I just like to take it slow.  

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